Partnership to build


The history of Uniwersum epitomizes a timeless effectiveness of certain principles of work culture. In adherence to the Polish tradition of technical trades, we represent an approach that puts our customers' expectations as they were ours. Over the years, we have been able to transform the expertise that we have acquired by going down that path into an ability to cater to the needs of all parties involved in a specific project - this is our showpiece on the finishing construction works market that is an area in which we have built up a renowned brand with specialisation in finishing works.

We continue to say that we offer our Customers the best fundament of their success as we complete orders for any floors and floor coverings at the world-class level. A list of works in that area includes projects carried out for e.g. Skanska S.A. Goldbeck Polska Sp.z o.o., Hochtief Polska Sp.z o.o., Strabag Sp. z o.o. and a great number of other large General Contractors. The quality of our services has been highly regarded in a number of Central and Eastern Europe countries, and satisfaction and recognition of Investors and General Contactors were proved by the award of the prestigious Business Reliance Certificate by Dun&Bradstreet Poland, Business Gazelle or winning a Gold Statue in the Big Small Company contest.


Over a quarter of a century, we have been working hard to build up a solid foundation whose structure is based on simple principles that result in mutual satisfaction of the Customer and Uniwersum. We have built a foundation that has never failed us, and, what is even more important, it has never failed our Customers. We continue to expand our business offering, improve our skills and introduce standards typical only of the biggest players in the flooring contractor business. We bring a number of technologies to perfection in order to keep pace with a changing market reality. We put a lot of effort and devote much - both all together and each individually - to develop a brand that is only outstripped by its reputation. We are ready to take further steps.

Based on previously completed projects of high calibre, Uniwersum wishes to make everyone aware that we have the required potential to act as a GENERAL CONTRACTOR IN THE FIELD OF FINISHING CONSTRUCTION WORKS on investment projects throughout the Central and Eastern Europe. Please direct any queries to the Company Headquarters, Phone: +48 41 345 48 74. Information on the extended activities is also to be found in the SERVICES section. Thank you for your interest and please consider taking advantage of our services.